Alexandra’s Policy Platform

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

While the COVID-19 pandemic should have catalyzed national unity and resolve from leaders to take urgent and impactful action, it instead divided us along the stress fractures of a broken system. COVID-19 devastated our most vulnerable communities, creating an unsustainable duration of healthcare crises, economic stress, and collective trauma. Our politicians must be bold enough to meet the moment’s crisis head on by prioritizing resource distribution to the most vulnerable and allocating the necessary funding for our families to begin the process of healing.

Monthly Survival Checks. Alexandra will fight for monthly survival checks that every other developed nation has provided for their citizens during an unprecedented crisis. Alexandra knows how small $2,000 feels in the wake of monthly rent and daily needs, which is why she will support legislation to give every family retroactive monthly survival checks.

Putting our Most Vulnerable Populations First. Our politicians must recognize the disproportionate mortality and hospitalization rates of Black, Brown, and Indigenous COVID-19 patients, as well as the high risk of exposure imposed on low-income service workers, frontline healthcare providers, teachers, assisted living patients, and incarcerated populations. Alexandra will ensure that a robust pandemic response-including vaccine rollouts, an economic stimulus for individuals and small businesses, free testing, and other healthcare and financial resources-is distributed equitably and prioritizes the hardest-hit communities.  

The Urgency Behind Medicare for All. This pandemic brought to light that universal, quality healthcare is a matter of life and death, consequential to public health more broadly, and a human right that should not be tied to employment. Alexandra will fight to pass Medicare for All with a renewed sense of urgency because she knows it is one of the biggest obstacles to our nation’s collective healing and resilience. In order to recover from this pandemic and address the health inequities that existed far before this crisis, we must guarantee a high-caliber healthcare system to every American. 

Workforce Equity. The loss of jobs during the pandemic fell hardest on low-income workers, service industry workers, and BIPOC women who make up a majority of that workforce. Our economic recovery plans must center the women of color hit hardest by this crisis. Alexandra will center workforce equity in her unemployment and job creation policy plans by prioritizing groups that are systematically more vulnerable to unemployment.


Criminal Justice Reform

Prison Reform. Alexandra is committed to ending mass incarceration. She supports ending cash bail, ending death by incarceration, increasing compassionate release, ending mandatory minimums, abolishing the death penalty, closing all for-profit prisons, restoring the Right to Vote of currently incarcerated people, and significantly reducing the United States’ overall population of currently incarcerated individuals.

End the War on Drugs. In Congress, Alexandra will end the War on Drugs by legalizing marijuana and expunging past convictions surrounding its use. She recognizes that Substance Use Disorder is a medical issue and will advocate for the human right of those grappling with addiction to proper medical and mental health services. She supports the release of individuals incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. Alexandra intends to hold Big Pharma and the medical community accountable for the current opioid crisis through reparations to the affected communities.

Decriminalizing Sex Work. Criminalizing sex work drives sex work underground, thus compromising sex workers’ health and safety. Although there have been attempts to criminalize the purchase of sex work, the stigma and fear of legal repercussions persist for the workers themselves, disproportionately affecting trans women of color. Alexandra will work to protect sex workers by decriminalizing prostitution and loitering for adults and expunging past convictions.

End Prison Gerrymandering. Incarcerated people should be counted for the purposes of the Census in the jurisdictions in which they resided prior to incarceration rather than the jurisdictions in which they are incarcerated. Counting incarcerated people in districts where they are incarcerated increases the resources available to communities with prisons, jails, and detention centers while diminishing the resources available to their communities of origin.

Compassionate Re-Entry. Upon reentry into society, formerly incarcerated individuals should have the means to live a dignified life. Alexandra will fight for programs that empower people to move on and learn from their mistakes, offer housing and meaningful work and job training, and prohibit employers from discriminating against applicants with a criminal record.


Economic Justice

Wealth Tax. A 2% wealth tax on Americans with a net worth of more than $50 million would tackle wealth inequality. Alexandra will fight to prevent tax loopholes for corporations like Amazon that are paying little or zero federal taxes. She will implement a tax on Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to help deter from their unregulated exploitation of human attention and unethical polarization of the American public. 

Union Rights. Alexandra supports the right to unionize for all workers and intends to make unionizing easier through a majority sign-up process. She will fight for all disenfranchised workers’ right to strike. She will repeal any policies that undermine a union’s ability to represent its workers. Alexandra will repeal the “right to work” and any process that inhibits public employees from collective bargaining. 

Pay Equity. Alexandra understands that racism is a crisis that has had a devastating impact on the racial wage gap. She will fight for both equal opportunity and equal pay for communities of color. Equal opportunity includes a job guarantee, quality education, increasing the minimum wage, and ending discriminatory practices in financial services and housing. 


Education Reform

Education is the backbone of a healthy democracy, but our current system is failing students of color, low-income students, and neurodivergent students. Decades of depleted federal funds have created a $23 billion discrepancy in the funds invested in predominantly white and predominantly minority school districts. Alexandra will push for equity-driven and student-focused education policies to invest in our public schools, pay our teachers a liveable wage, and make schools the center of thriving communities.

New Deal for Education. We need to dramatically increase our federal investment in public education. Alexandra supports Congressman Bowman’s bold vision to increase annual Title I funding from $14 billion to $60 billion for districts with students living in poverty and increase funding for IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) for students with disabilities from $13 billion to $33 billion. 

End the School-to-Prison Pipeline. In order for our schools to foster student potential, we must break the cycle of criminalizing Black, Brown, and low-income students.  Alexandra will advocate for a less punitive school environment by ending federal zero-tolerance policies that force student suspensions for minor offenses and instead encourage restorative justice, peer mediation, counseling, and social work. 

Support Teachers. It is impossible to create a positive learning environment for students when our teachers are not paid a living wage. Alexandra will fight to raise the minimum teacher wage to at least $60,000 and support the rights of our educators to unionize. 

Higher Education For All. Systemic obstacles to higher education are among the most significant barriers to class mobility. Alexandra supports tuition guarantees and debt-free public college because every American should have the opportunity to pursue higher education without the burden of debt. Our government also has the power to cancel the $1.6 trillion of student loan debt currently burdening over 44 million Americans. Cancelling it would revitalize the economy by freeing tens of millions of people to live out their economic lives in ways that crushing debt had not allowed. In Congress, Alexandra will support this relief.


Environmental Justice

Urgent action to address the planet’s devastating climate and ecological crises is long overdue. Alexandra believes in science, and the data has shown that we are out of time. While extreme challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and the loss of arable land affect all of us, it is important to recognize their disproportionate impact on communities of color and the working-class. Our policy solutions must prioritize communities struggling with polluted air and water, a lack of healthy food and adequate sanitation, transportation, and infrastructure and increasingly devastating natural disasters.

Green New Deal. Taking climate change seriously means the United States should have a 100% green economy by 2030 and global carbon emissions must reach net-zero by 2050. The Green New Deal intersects environmental and economic justice to expand sustainable jobs, housing, and energy. Passing the Green New Deal would invest $16.3 trillion to create 20 million new green, union jobs, equitably expand our nation’s green infrastructure, and build a national public transportation system. Alexandra will also fight to ban fracking and facilitate a just transition for fossil fuel workers.

Conserving our land and protecting endangered species. While it is important to prioritize the human beings impacted by environmental crises, our irresponsible depletion of natural resources and creation of the climate crisis is causing a sixth mass extinction. Alexandra will fight to reverse the damages of the Trump administration’s environmental policies by protecting our national parks and forests and increasing protections for endangered species and our oceans.

Environmental Justice for Philly and Ending Food Insecurity. Alexandra will bring the fight against climate change to Philly by supporting green public housing projects, increasing access to healthy and sustainable food, and supporting grassroots activist efforts to end the environmental racism that puts Philly’s Black and low-income residents at a high risk of exposure to polluted air and water.

Freedom of Religion

End Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a complex form of bigotry that penetrates government agencies, societal trends, and media spaces without accountability. Muslims should be able to practice their faith in their daily lives and institutions without interference, discrimination, or legal penalty. Religious freedom initiatives must include Islamic worship. Alexandra will fight to repeal and prevent any bigoted legislation that infringes on a community’s right to self-determination, or promotes white nationalism. She will work to coalition build across interfaith groups to combat the growing violent threat of Islamophobia. Alexandra will vote in support of policies that ensure safety and protect the rights of Muslim students at schools. 

End Antisemitism. Alexandra is committed to fighting against the threat of antisemitism and white nationalism, including but not limited to: naming and condemning white nationalist rhetoric and ideology that threatens Jews; coalition building across interfaith groups; engaging with a rising generation of American Jewish constituents, organizers, and leaders; and fighting for a multiracial, multiethnic, multifaith democracy that includes all of us. 



Shelter is a basic human necessity. Without safe, adequate housing, the fundamental base of an equitable society begins to crumble. In the United States, more than half a million Americans are sleeping in the streets, and 47% of renters pay over 30%of their income towards rent. The economic stress of the pandemic put tens of millions of American families at risk of eviction. Alexandra will dedicate herself to ending homelessness and protecting hardworking renters from unjust evictions.

Housing for All. Alexandra believes that housing is a human right and that stable housing is essential to community prosperity, which is why she supports the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act. The Green New Deal for Public Housing invests in the construction of sustainable public housing options priced at affordable real cost or income-based rates. She advocates for inclusive social housing as an equitable public solution for people of every race, income level, and documentation status. In Philly, this policy would focus on revitalizing old and abandoned housing, retrofitting them with high-efficiency energy systems and appliances. Currently, Black single mothers are most at risk for facing eviction or housing insecurity, making this group a top priority in the demand for housing. 

Tenants’ Rights. Alexandra will protect tenants by implementing a national rent control standard and a “just cause” requirement for evictions. She will fight to end housing discrimination and ensure housing standards for renters. Alexandra will support the rights of tenants to form tenant unions without retaliation from landlords and will protect survivors of domestic violence from eviction on the basis of their assault. She will support efforts to fully fund the Section 8 rental assistance program and will implement a Section 8 non-discrimination law so landlords cannot discriminate against low-income families or persons. 

End Gentrification, Segregation, Speculation, and Exclusionary Zoning. Alexandra acknowledges the history of redlining neighborhoods and systemic racism in the housing market. In Congress, Alexandra will actively challenge racist and classist practices by regulating gentrification, real estate speculation, and exclusionary zoning. Alexandra will implement the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule to identify and end any racist housing policies. Alexandra will vote in support of policies providing reparations for racist real estate practices.


Immigration Reform

Alexandra is committed to dismantling systemic barriers to the American dream, which is why she will fight to end xenophobic policies that criminalize immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. She is proud to live in a Sanctuary City and is committed to maintaining Philly’s diverse environment. Alexandra will work to abolish agencies that militarize the border, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Patrol. She will eliminate racist and xenophobic policies that delay citizenship and deny the right to asylum. As a Congresswoman, Alexandra will also fight to include domestic workers in basic labor protections, support DACA, and provide a straightforward path to citizenship. She is committed to transformative and just immigration reform.


Justice for Tribal Nations

Far too frequently, the federal government has failed to honor its promises and treaties with Tribal Nations. Alexandra will stand with Native communities in their struggle to protect their treaties and sovereign rights, pass on traditional and cultural values, and improve the quality of life of their Native communities. 

Tribal Empowerment. Alexandra understands that the past dynamic between sovereign nations and the federal government was one of paternalism. She will honor and respect tribal nations’ rights to sovereignty and uplift a relationship between the federal government and tribal nations that fosters partnership and support. She will protect tribal nations’ rights to religious freedom and participation in our elections. 

The Right to a Dignified Living. Alexandra will support increasing the amount of federal funding for tribal nations with significant investments into communities that lack healthcare, employment opportunities, housing, and quality schools. Enacting the Green New Deal will include the federal jobs guarantee, which will help provide jobs and rebuild the economies of Native communities. 



Alexandra believes we must end discrimination in all its forms, including on the basis of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. In Congress, Alexandra will vote to pass the Equality Act and other bills with similar objectives. Alexandra will ensure LGBTQIA+ people have comprehensive healthcare without discrimination or denial of care from providers. She will fight to increase access to PrEP and remove barriers to mental health care. She will ban “conversion therapy” and guarantee transgender-affirming healthcare. Alexandra will vote in support of policies that ensure safety and protect the rights of LGBTQIA+ students at schools.  She will combat transphobia promoted by the Trump Administration’s ban on transgender people from serving in the United States military. She will work to ensure the federal recognition of non-binary identities including on government-issued documents.


Mental Health & Disability Rights

Alexandra believes mental health care is a key part of healthcare and that disability rights are civil rights. Alexandra will fight for disability policy that prioritizes autonomy, inclusion, and self-determination for all. This means including mental health care and home- and community-based services in broad-reaching Medicare for All policies. It also means protecting and expanding the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs and addressing our country’s humanitarian crisis of incarcerating people with mental illness. Alexandra will fight to reverse the criminalization of disability and provide people with disabilities with support options instead of carceral facilities. She will fight to end the seclusion of people with disabilities in schools by working with teachers, counselors, and administrators. She will expand trauma-informed care in school settings and vote in support of policies that keep students with disabilities safe in schools. Alexandra will create a federal civilian corps of mental health responders to respond to crisis situations with training in cultural competency, mental illness, and de-escalation tactics. She will ensure that no person with a disability experiences discrimination or barriers to housing, education, a living wage, or employment opportunities.

Palestinian Occupation

The issue of Palestinian Occupation has a complex history, and disagreements are often exacerbated by misinformation, Islamophobia, and antisemitism. First and foremost, Alexandra dedicates herself to foreign and domestic policy informed by truth, a value of basic human rights for all, and a firm resolve to fight anti-semitic and Islamophobic misinformation. Alexandra acknowledges that the United States’ unconditional military and financial support of Israel has enabled the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and militarized violence against innocent Palestinians. Alexandra will use her vote in Congress to hold Israel accountable, and advocate for Palestinian human rights. She will also use her national platform to facilitate educational dialogue to counter misinformation, antisemitism, and Islamophobia while centering a critique of how the United States’ imperialist agenda has harmed Black and Brown communities across the world.


Racial Justice

The United States, in its current form, is built on a foundation of White Supremacy, imperialism, and the violent oppression of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples. Alexandra believes all individuals have the right to liberty, justice, and equal protection regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, immigration status, income, or ability. No person should be marginalized based on identity, and no policies should adversely target people based on their identities. Individuals and corporations with substantial wealth cannot be entitled to greater leniency under the law than those of lesser means. Alexandra believes every citizen has the right to equal participation in government and that all citizens have the right to seek public office regardless of their means. She believes the right to vote is universal regardless of race, geography, incarceration, or gender. Any barrier or impediment to voting such as gerrymandering or the Electoral College must be eliminated. Alexandra stands in opposition to colonialism, imperialism, and all other violations to the right to self-determination in governance. Alexandra believes every single American has a right to quality of life. 

For equal protection under the law to exist, we must address and dismantle structural racism. Voter disenfranchisement clearly targets people of color. Alexandra will fight to restore the Voting Rights Act, end voter suppression, and secure automatic voter registration for all citizens over the age of 18. The United States has the largest incarcerated population in the entire world. Our nation is less than 5% of the global population, yet we hold 22% of the world’s prison population. This mass incarceration disproportionately targets people of color, as Black Americans are jailed five times more often than White Americans. Alexandra will fight for criminal justice reform, including ending cash bail, ending death by incarceration, increasing compassionate release, ending mandatory minimums, abolishing the death penalty, closing all private prisons, and significantly reducing the United States’ overall population of currently incarcerated individuals. Medical racism and health disparities must also be addressed. Black Americans are more likely to die from cancer, and died from COVID-19 at nearly four times the rate of White Americans. Black women are 3.5 times more likely to die from childbirth than White women. Alexandra will fight to end racial health disparities through the distribution of quality medical care to all patients, and combat racist practices perpetuated in the study of medicine in nursing and medical schools. Alexandra recognizes the disproportionate impact that climate change, biodiversity loss, air and water pollution, and the loss of arable land have on communities of color and the working-class. She will prioritize environmental justice for communities struggling with polluted air and water, a lack of healthy food and adequate sanitation, transportation, and infrastructure, and increasingly devastating natural disasters. Alexandra seeks to end and repair the devastating impact America’s endless overseas wars have had on international Black and Brown communities. Alexandra  will fight against the racial wage gap, and how it intersects with the gender wage gap to impact women of color at disparate rates. She will fight for equal pay for communities of color, and equal opportunity that includes a job guarantee, quality education, increasing the minimum wage, and ending discriminatory practices in financial services and housing. Structural racism requires structural change, and Alexandra will fight for a country in which all people are treated equally and fairly. 



Universal Healthcare

Medicare for All. Alexandra believes healthcare is a human right. In Congress, Alexandra will vote in favor of a single-payer, high quality, national health insurance program and support the passing of Medicare for All. Alexandra will dismantle the current healthcare industry standard, removing networks, premiums, copays, and deductibles. She will fight to cancel all medical debt and to expand every person’s access to consistent medical care. Medicare should be expanded to cover mental health; dental, vision, home or community-based, and long-term care; reproductive care; all safe and comprehensive cancer treatments; and prescription drugs.  

Stop Big Pharma. Alexandra will work to prevent the pharmaceutical industry from overcharging the American people for necessary medicine through an annual prescription drug budget cap. She will support the allowance of Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and the importation of low-cost drug options from other countries.


Women’s Rights

Pay Equity. Every worker deserves fair compensation equal to the value of their work and that is not undervalued on the basis of identity. Alexandra understands that advocating for pay equity must be an intersectional fight. This means acknowledging both the racial and gender wage gaps that create discriminatory wage discrepancies for equal labor, as well as the undervaluing of jobs historically held by women and people of color. Alexandra’s fight for economic justice will center the intersectionality of women’s rights and racial justice by preserving and expanding 14th Amendment discrimination protection and advocating for a dignified living wage for all workers.

Reproductive Rights. Alexandra supports every person’s religious freedom and right to choose, which is why she is a proponent of reproductive justice and advocates for inclusive reproductive legislation. Alexandra will fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment, oppose efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade, and advocate to expand the WIC program to make reproductive health services affordable and available before, during, and after pregnancy. She will fight to fully fund Planned Parenthood, Title X, and other reproductive justice initiatives that protect and increase the availability of safe and legal abortion and access to contraception. Alexandra understands that equitable reproductive justice supports maternal health and childcare as much as legal and safe abortion and contraception.

End Violence Against Women – International Solidarity. Every woman has the right to live freely without the threat of violence. In Congress, Alexandra will join the international call to end violence against women through preventative measures such as education surrounding the issue, the promotion of respectful relationships, and working with men and boys, especially in sports, the media, and the workforce. She will vote to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Alexandra will also advocate for more robust and accessible services for survivors of violence. She will fight to end sexual harassment in the military, the workplace, and other institutions. She will protect women from discrimination, harassment, and violence in educational institutions by upholding Title IX. She will use her platform to call attention to inordinate violences against women of color such as the alarming rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women, police brutality against Black women, and violence against transgender women of color.

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