Alexandra’s Policy Platform

While the COVID-19 pandemic should have catalyzed national unity and resolve from leaders to take urgent and impactful action, it instead divided us along the stress fractures of a broken system. COVID-19 devastated our most vulnerable communities, creating an unsustainable duration of healthcare crises, economic stress, and collective trauma. Our politicians must be bold enough to meet the moment’s crisis head on by prioritizing resource distribution to the most vulnerable and allocating the necessary funding for our families to begin the process of healing.

Monthly Survival Checks. Alexandra will fight for monthly survival checks that every other developed nation has provided for their citizens during an unprecedented crisis. Alexandra knows how small $2,000 feels in the wake of monthly rent and daily needs, which is why she will support legislation to give every family retroactive monthly survival checks.

Putting our Most Vulnerable Populations First. Our politicians must recognize the disproportionate mortality and hospitalization rates of Black, Brown, and Indigenous COVID-19 patients, as well as the high risk of exposure imposed on low-income service workers, frontline healthcare providers, teachers, assisted living patients, and incarcerated populations. Alexandra will ensure that a robust pandemic response-including vaccine rollouts, an economic stimulus for individuals and small businesses, free testing, and other healthcare and financial resources-is distributed equitably and prioritizes the hardest-hit communities.  

The Urgency Behind Medicare for All. This pandemic brought to light that universal, quality healthcare is a matter of life and death, consequential to public health more broadly, and a human right that should not be tied to employment. Alexandra will fight to pass Medicare for All with a renewed sense of urgency because she knows it is one of the biggest obstacles to our nation’s collective healing and resilience. In order to recover from this pandemic and address the health inequities that existed far before this crisis, we must guarantee a high-caliber healthcare system to every American. 

Workforce Equity. The loss of jobs during the pandemic fell hardest on low-income workers, service industry workers, and BIPOC women who make up a majority of that workforce. Our economic recovery plans must center the women of color hit hardest by this crisis. Alexandra will center workforce equity in her unemployment and job creation policy plans by prioritizing groups that are systematically more vulnerable to unemployment.

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