Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Prison Reform. Alexandra is committed to ending mass incarceration. She supports ending cash bail, ending death by incarceration, increasing compassionate release, ending mandatory minimums, abolishing the death penalty, closing all for-profit prisons, restoring the Right to Vote of currently incarcerated people, and significantly reducing the United States’ overall population of currently incarcerated individuals.

End the War on Drugs. Abuse by the criminal legal system under the War on Drugs has disproportionately affected people of color and the poor. Those with more resources have better means to navigate the legal pitfalls of engaging in illicit drug use and, especially if they are white, tend to be less likely targets by law enforcement in the first place. Alexandra supports ending punitive drug policies and replacing them with health-based solutions that prioritize prevention and the treatment of negative health consequences such as fatal overdose, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and other infections, by eliminating the barriers to accessing needed resources that prevent these outcomes.  In Congress, Alexandra will fight to end the War on Drugs by releasing individuals incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses, expunging past convictions, and providing reparations to individuals, families, and communities impacted by incarceration and high threshold probation/parole requirements.

Decriminalizing Sex Work. Criminalizing sex work drives sex work underground, thus compromising sex workers’ health and safety. Although there have been attempts to criminalize the purchase of sex work, the stigma and fear of legal repercussions persist for the workers themselves, disproportionately affecting trans women of color. Alexandra will work to protect sex workers by decriminalizing prostitution and loitering for adults and expunging past convictions.

End Prison Gerrymandering. Incarcerated people should be counted for the purposes of the Census in the jurisdictions in which they resided prior to incarceration rather than the jurisdictions in which they are incarcerated. Counting incarcerated people in districts where they are incarcerated increases the resources available to communities with prisons, jails, and detention centers while diminishing the resources available to their communities of origin.

Compassionate Re-Entry. Upon reentry into society, formerly incarcerated individuals should have the means to live a dignified life. Alexandra will fight for programs that empower people to move on and learn from their mistakes, offer housing and meaningful work and job training, and prohibit employers from discriminating against applicants with a criminal record.

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