Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Wealth Tax. A 2% wealth tax on Americans with a net worth of more than $50 million would tackle wealth inequality. Alexandra will fight to prevent tax loopholes for corporations like Amazon that are paying little or zero federal taxes. She will implement a tax on Big Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to help deter from their unregulated exploitation of human attention and unethical polarization of the American public. 

Union Rights. Alexandra supports the right to unionize for all workers and intends to make unionizing easier through a majority sign-up process. She will fight for all disenfranchised workers’ right to strike. She will repeal any policies that undermine a union’s ability to represent its workers. Alexandra will repeal the “right to work” and any process that inhibits public employees from collective bargaining. 

Pay Equity. Alexandra understands that racism is a crisis that has had a devastating impact on the racial wage gap. She will fight for both equal opportunity and equal pay for communities of color. Equal opportunity includes a job guarantee, quality education, increasing the minimum wage, and ending discriminatory practices in financial services and housing. 

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