Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Education is the backbone of a healthy democracy, but our current system is failing students of color, low-income students, and neurodivergent students. Decades of depleted federal funds have created a $23 billion discrepancy in the funds invested in predominantly white and predominantly minority school districts. Alexandra will push for equity-driven and student-focused education policies to invest in our public schools, pay our teachers a liveable wage, and make schools the center of thriving communities.

New Deal for Education. We need to dramatically increase our federal investment in public education. Alexandra supports Congressman Bowman’s bold vision to increase annual Title I funding from $14 billion to $60 billion for districts with students living in poverty and increase funding for IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) for students with disabilities from $13 billion to $33 billion. 

End the School-to-Prison Pipeline. In order for our schools to foster student potential, we must break the cycle of criminalizing Black, Brown, and low-income students.  Alexandra will advocate for a less punitive school environment by ending federal zero-tolerance policies that force student suspensions for minor offenses and instead encourage restorative justice, peer mediation, counseling, and social work. 

Support Teachers. It is impossible to create a positive learning environment for students when our teachers are not paid a living wage. Alexandra will fight to raise the minimum teacher wage to at least $60,000 and support the rights of our educators to unionize. 

Higher Education For All. Systemic obstacles to higher education are among the most significant barriers to class mobility. Alexandra supports tuition guarantees and debt-free public college because every American should have the opportunity to pursue higher education without the burden of debt. Our government also has the power to cancel the $1.6 trillion of student loan debt currently burdening over 44 million Americans. Cancelling it would revitalize the economy by freeing tens of millions of people to live out their economic lives in ways that crushing debt had not allowed. In Congress, Alexandra will support this relief.

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