Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Urgent action to address the planet’s devastating climate and ecological crises is long overdue. Alexandra believes in science, and the data has shown that we are out of time. While extreme challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, and the loss of arable land affect all of us, it is important to recognize their disproportionate impact on communities of color and the working-class. Our policy solutions must prioritize communities struggling with polluted air and water, a lack of healthy food and adequate sanitation, transportation, and infrastructure and increasingly devastating natural disasters.

Green New Deal. Taking climate change seriously means the United States should have a 100% green economy by 2030 and global carbon emissions must reach net-zero by 2050. The Green New Deal intersects environmental and economic justice to expand sustainable jobs, housing, and energy. Passing the Green New Deal would invest $16.3 trillion to create 20 million new green, union jobs, equitably expand our nation’s green infrastructure, and build a national public transportation system. Alexandra will also fight to ban fracking and facilitate a just transition for fossil fuel workers.

Conserving our land and protecting endangered species. While it is important to prioritize the human beings impacted by environmental crises, our irresponsible depletion of natural resources and creation of the climate crisis is causing a sixth mass extinction. Alexandra will fight to reverse the damages of the Trump administration’s environmental policies by protecting our national parks and forests and increasing protections for endangered species and our oceans.

Environmental Justice for Philly and Ending Food Insecurity. Alexandra will bring the fight against climate change to Philly by supporting green public housing projects, increasing access to healthy and sustainable food, and supporting grassroots activist efforts to end the environmental racism that puts Philly’s Black and low-income residents at a high risk of exposure to polluted air and water.

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