Alexandra’s Policy Platform

The United States must change its foreign policy focus from engaging in endless wars and imperialism to one of diplomacy and cooperation with our international community. This paradigm shift requires implementing a focus on human rights, democracy, and peace in the United States’ international affairs. By prioritizing these approaches, we can build a stronger sense of community and interconnectedness amongst global citizens and foster a sense of belonging to our global community. 

Diplomacy. In order to see such a shift in the United States’ foreign policy, adequate resources for strategies of diplomacy, humanitarian aid, development, and healing from war need to be reallocated. Alexandra believes the threats our nation faces can be addressed more effectively with principled diplomacy rather than with bombs, aggressive posturing, or war. Alexandra will support increased funding for the State Department, humanitarian aid, and community-led international development programs. She will advocate for the application of good-faith diplomacy and the increase in the number of refugees welcomed into the U.S. 

National Security. Alexandra understands that national security does not mean the militarization of our borders and waterways. National security must include the United States’ capability in combating the climate emergency, environmental degradation more broadly, and infectious disease. Alexandra believes the U.S. has the opportunity to lead global efforts in each of these arenas. In Congress, she will advocate for the U.S. to work bilaterally with large greenhouse gas emitters such as China and India, and multilaterally with the United Nations to negotiate significant and enforceable reductions in emissions that cause climate change. Alexandra will also advocate for the United States to respond effectively and responsibly to future infectious disease threats by supporting and implementing the Global Health Security Agenda; working to improve other countries’ capacities for preventing, detecting, and responding to infectious disease and outbreaks; and increasing international coordination between groups such as the Center for Disease Control, the World Bank, and Doctors Without Borders.  She will advocate for the preparedness of local health workers through training and technology and by integrating community health worker networks into a national health system. 

End Endless Wars. The United States has been fighting an endless war in Afghanistan since 2001, costing Americans numerous lives and taxpayers $6 trillion. Despite these costs, the number of deaths due to acts of terrorism have dramatically increased since 2001. Alexandra will advocate for Congress to reclaim its constitutional authority to debate and vote on war. She will fight to repeal the 2001 and 2002 war authorizations. Additionally, she will support ending the use of drones for extrajudicial killing, which has killed civilians and fueled extremist recruiting. Alexandra will advocate for divesting from and dismantling the war machine. 

U.S. in the Middle East. Alexandra supports the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. In Congress, she will advocate to replace the maintenance of a U.S. military presence in these nations with close intergovernmental collaboration and the important work of IGOs and NGOs. In the wake of America’s endless war in Afghanistan and elsewhere, she would work tirelessly to promote the goals of peace, prosperity, and democracy. Alexandra will advocate to end U.S. airstrikes throughout the Middle East, for diplomatic efforts to end the war in Yemen, and for increased humanitarian aid to address Yemen’s humanitarian crisis. Alexandra opposes arm sales to and military support for members of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. She also opposes the use of military force against Iran and supports diplomatic strategies instead.

U.S. in Latin America. Alexandra recognizes the historic role that the United States has played in Latin America’s economic instability and environmental crises, including the climate emergency, thereby contributing to the influx of people at the U.S.’ southern border seeking refuge. In Congress, Alexandra will work tirelessly to enact a Green New Deal and reverse the outsized impact that America’s greenhouse gas emissions have on the international community. She will fight to hold the United States accountable for its involvement in the destabilization of Latin American countries and demand the U.S. support self-determined nation-building among these impacted countries. Across the board, Alexandra opposes the use of military force and sanctions that are harmful to civilians. She instead embraces diplomatic relations, the fostering of community among nations, and the granting of temporary U.S. assistance if it means a stronger, healthier community. 

U.S. and China. Alexandra understands that the United States’ relationship with China should be friendly rather than based on a confrontational policy of containment and deterrence. In Congress, she will advocate for bilaterally and multilaterally strengthening cybersecurity norms, civilian maritime patrol, international institutions, and setting up information sharing mechanisms between like-minded states. Alexandra believes the United States should leverage China’s desire to be a respected member of the international community by actively engaging with China on those issues in which it upholds established international norms. She simultaneously recognizes that the Chinese government welcomes multilateral cooperation, diplomatic relations with the U.S., and self-determination for all nations. U.S.-China diplomacy is crucial for climate change mitigation before warming temperatures render the planet uninhabitable. Our two nations are the world’s largest economies and the largest polluters, so cooperation–not hostile competition–must shape the relationship.

Pentagon Budget. Alexandra understands that the current Pentagon budget is an investment that wastes billions on war and weapons while ignoring urgent human needs at home. Alexandra will fight to reduce the overall Pentagon budget. She will advocate to eliminate the Overseas Contingency Operations “slush fund” account, close unneeded domestic bases, end use-it-lose-it contract spending, end the Foreign Military Financing Program, close 60% of foreign bases, cancel the new Intercontinental Ballistic missile production, and reduce the use of weapon systems that are ineffective, obsolete, or in excess of reasonable security needs. These recommendations of eliminating waste within the Pentagon  will reduce the Pentagon budget by approximately $355 billion or by 48%. 

Israel-Palestine. Since its founding, Israel has waged a colonial war on the Palestinian people with the aim of replacing them with Jewish settlers. Palestinians are demanding freedom, justice, and equality as Israel has been forcibly displacing Palestinians from their lands, denying exiled Palestinians their rights to return, maintaining a system of privilege for Jews in virtually all spheres of life amounting to apartheid, and violently repressing Palestinian resistance to Israeli policies on a daily basis. The United States funding of military aid to Israel enables these crimes that deny Palestinians their basic freedom and human rights. Alexandra will fight to end U.S. militarized aid to Israel and advocate for Palestinian human rights. She will also use her national platform to facilitate educational dialogue to counter misinformation, anti-semitism, and Islamophobia while centering a critique of how the United States’ imperialist agenda has harmed Black and Brown communities across the world.

Prohibiting Nuclear Weapons. Alexandra understands the devastating humanitarian consequences that would result from any use of nuclear weapons. Alexandra supports the pursuit of a nuclear weapons-free world.  In Congress, Alexandra will advocate for the United States to sign on to international arms control agreements including the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons at the United Nations, the Iran Nuclear Agreement, the INF Treaty, the Nonproliferation Treaty, and the New START Treaty.  She will advocate for the adoption of a No-First-Use policy regarding nuclear weapons, and restrictions on the president’s authority to launch a nuclear first strike without a declaration of war from Congress.

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