Alexandra’s Policy Platform

In an average year, gun violence kills nearly 40,000 people in the United States and costs this country $280 billion. Gun violence is a by-product of decades upon decades of systemic racism, poverty and economic disparity, and cost barriers to mental and physical healthcare, and it plays a devastating role in both the lives of survivors and the void that remains when people are prematurely taken from us. There are physical, mental, and economic consequences to the United States’ lack of gun violence prevention. The economic consequences are faced in American taxes, in families, societally with intangible costs of pain and suffering, and in productivity and revenue. Philadelphia alone is setting new records for its shootings (fatal and non-fatal) and homicides. 2020 closed out with over 2,200 victims, which amounts to more than double the year-end total in 2015. In Congress, Alexandra will treat gun violence as the public health crisis that it is and take a holistic approach to the systemic disparities that have produced it. Gun violence is preventable and must be put to an end.

Universal Background Checks. Alexandra will fight for universal background checks to firearm purchases and to close the Charleston loophole, which permits a gun sale if a background check isn’t completed in 3 days. She will advocate to close the gun show loophole, which allows private gun sales without background checks. Alexandra will advocate to ban anyone convicted of a hate crime from purchasing a firearm and to pass a national ban on the sale and distribution of assault weapons.

Safe Gun Storage. Alexandra will advocate for national licensing standards to include mandatory gun safety training prior to eligibility to purchasing a firearm. This will include safe gun storage in homes and vehicles, how to model responsible behavior around guns, and the understanding of the role guns play in suicide.

Ban on Ghost Guns. Ghost guns are unserialized, untraceable firearms that can be purchased online or at gun shows and assembled at home. The kits are widely available to virtually anyone (including domestic abusers, gun traffickers, and prohibited purchasers) without a background check. Due to the lack of federal regulation in this country, ghost guns are a growing weapon of choice among people who are otherwise legally prohibited from buying firearms. In Congress, Alexandra will work tirelessly to enact federal bans on the manufacturing, purchasing, and use of these weapons, dismantling the evasive and deadly market for ghost guns.

Demilitarize the Police. Alexandra understands that gun safety policy and police reform go hand-in-hand.  In Congress, Alexandra will fight to demilitarize all law enforcement, including police officers and security guards, starting immediately with all military-grade weaponry and equipment. She will advocate for the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act and ending the federal 1033 Program that provides military weaponry to local police departments.

Disarm Domestic Abusers. More than half the women killed by guns in the United States are killed by an intimate partner or family member. Alexandra will fight to close the boyfriend and stalker loophole by expanding the definition of intimate partner to include anyone who has been convicted of domestic violence or abuse, and prohibit anyone who has been convicted of stalking or who has a restraining order against them from purchasing a firearm.

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