Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Shelter is a basic human necessity. Without safe, adequate housing, the fundamental base of an equitable society begins to crumble. In the United States, more than half a million Americans are sleeping in the streets, and 47% of renters pay over 30%of their income towards rent. The economic stress of the pandemic put tens of millions of American families at risk of eviction. Alexandra will dedicate herself to ending homelessness and protecting hardworking renters from unjust evictions.

Housing for All. Alexandra believes that housing is a human right and that stable housing is essential to community prosperity, which is why she supports the Green New Deal for Public Housing Act. The Green New Deal for Public Housing invests in the construction of sustainable public housing options priced at affordable real cost or income-based rates. She advocates for inclusive social housing as an equitable public solution for people of every race, income level, and documentation status. In Philly, this policy would focus on revitalizing old and abandoned housing, retrofitting them with high-efficiency energy systems and appliances. Currently, Black single mothers are most at risk for facing eviction or housing insecurity, making this group a top priority in the demand for housing. 

Tenants’ Rights. Alexandra will protect tenants by implementing a national rent control standard and a “just cause” requirement for evictions. She will fight to end housing discrimination and ensure housing standards for renters. Alexandra will support the rights of tenants to form tenant unions without retaliation from landlords and will protect survivors of domestic violence from eviction on the basis of their assault. She will support efforts to fully fund the Section 8 rental assistance program and will implement a Section 8 non-discrimination law so landlords cannot discriminate against low-income families or persons. 

End Gentrification, Segregation, Speculation, and Exclusionary Zoning. Alexandra acknowledges the history of redlining neighborhoods and systemic racism in the housing market. In Congress, Alexandra will actively challenge racist and classist practices by regulating gentrification, real estate speculation, and exclusionary zoning. Alexandra will implement the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule to identify and end any racist housing policies. Alexandra will vote in support of policies providing reparations for racist real estate practices.

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