Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Alexandra believes mental health care is a key part of healthcare and that disability rights are civil rights. Alexandra will fight for disability policy that prioritizes autonomy, inclusion, and self-determination for all. This means including mental health care and home- and community-based services in broad-reaching Medicare for All policies. It also means protecting and expanding the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs and addressing our country’s humanitarian crisis of incarcerating people with mental illness. Alexandra will fight to reverse the criminalization of disability and provide people with disabilities with support options instead of carceral facilities. She will fight to end the seclusion of people with disabilities in schools by working with teachers, counselors, and administrators. She will expand trauma-informed care in school settings and vote in support of policies that keep students with disabilities safe in schools. Alexandra will create a federal civilian corps of mental health responders to respond to crisis situations with training in cultural competency, mental illness, and de-escalation tactics. She will ensure that no person with a disability experiences discrimination or barriers to housing, education, a living wage, or employment opportunities.

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