Alexandra’s Policy Platform

End Islamophobia. Islamophobia is a complex form of bigotry that penetrates government agencies, societal trends, and media spaces without accountability. Muslims should be able to practice their faith in their daily lives and institutions without interference, discrimination, or legal penalty. Religious freedom initiatives must include Islamic worship. Alexandra will fight to repeal and prevent any bigoted legislation that infringes on a community’s right to self-determination, or promotes white nationalism. She will work to coalition build across interfaith groups to combat the growing violent threat of Islamophobia. Alexandra will vote in support of policies that ensure safety and protect the rights of Muslim students at schools. 

End Antisemitism. Alexandra is committed to fighting against the threat of antisemitism and white nationalism, including but not limited to: naming and condemning white nationalist rhetoric and ideology that threatens Jews; coalition building across interfaith groups; engaging with a rising generation of American Jewish constituents, organizers, and leaders; and fighting for a multiracial, multiethnic, multifaith democracy that includes all of us. 

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