Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Far too frequently, the federal government has failed to honor its promises and treaties with Tribal Nations. Alexandra will stand with Native communities in their struggle to protect their treaties and sovereign rights, pass on traditional and cultural values, and improve the quality of life of their Native communities. 

Tribal Empowerment. Alexandra understands that the past dynamic between sovereign nations and the federal government was one of paternalism. She will honor and respect tribal nations’ rights to sovereignty and uplift a relationship between the federal government and tribal nations that fosters partnership and support. She will protect tribal nations’ rights to religious freedom and participation in our elections. 

The Right to a Dignified Living. Alexandra will support increasing the amount of federal funding for tribal nations with significant investments into communities that lack healthcare, employment opportunities, housing, and quality schools. Enacting the Green New Deal will include the federal jobs guarantee, which will help provide jobs and rebuild the economies of Native communities. 

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