Alexandra’s Policy Platform

Pay Equity. Every worker deserves fair compensation equal to the value of their work and that is not undervalued on the basis of identity. Alexandra understands that advocating for pay equity must be an intersectional fight. This means acknowledging both the racial and gender wage gaps that create discriminatory wage discrepancies for equal labor, as well as the undervaluing of jobs historically held by women and people of color. Alexandra’s fight for economic justice will center the intersectionality of women’s rights and racial justice by preserving and expanding 14th Amendment discrimination protection and advocating for a dignified living wage for all workers.

Reproductive Rights. Alexandra supports every person’s religious freedom and right to choose, which is why she is a proponent of reproductive justice and advocates for inclusive reproductive legislation. Alexandra will fight to repeal the Hyde Amendment, oppose efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade, and advocate to expand the WIC program to make reproductive health services affordable and available before, during, and after pregnancy. She will fight to fully fund Planned Parenthood, Title X, and other reproductive justice initiatives that protect and increase the availability of safe and legal abortion and access to contraception. Alexandra understands that equitable reproductive justice supports maternal health and childcare as much as legal and safe abortion and contraception.

End Violence Against Women – International Solidarity. Every woman has the right to live freely without the threat of violence. In Congress, Alexandra will join the international call to end violence against women through preventative measures such as education surrounding the issue, the promotion of respectful relationships, and working with men and boys, especially in sports, the media, and the workforce. She will vote to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. Alexandra will also advocate for more robust and accessible services for survivors of violence. She will fight to end sexual harassment in the military, the workplace, and other institutions. She will protect women from discrimination, harassment, and violence in educational institutions by upholding Title IX. She will use her platform to call attention to inordinate violences against women of color such as the alarming rates of missing and murdered Indigenous women, police brutality against Black women, and violence against transgender women of color.

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