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Alexandra Hunt is a public health researcher, a girls’ soccer coach, an advocate for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, and an organizer fighting for the 3rd district of Pennsylvania. She is a daughter of two teachers and a sister to a twin brother. Alexandra’s twin brother grew up with a learning disability. Seeing the systemic obstacles her brother faced inspired Alexandra to become an advocate and challenge barriers on the basis of race, gender, class, and ability. Alexandra is running for Congress on a progressive platform because she believes our politicians should fight for systemic change, ensuring equal opportunity and justice for all.

Alexandra grew up in the inner city of Rochester, New York. She attended school in the suburbs and noticed the inequity in available resources, education, housing, and job opportunities between the suburbs and the city. Her house in the city became a location for communal gatherings where neighborhood children could eat lunch, share her toys, and receive basic first aid.

After high school, Alexandra attended college at the University of Richmond and graduated with a degree in Psychology. During her time in college, Alexandra worked as both a server and a stripper in order to make ends meet, furthering her commitment to issues affecting working-class people. Alexandra’s dedication to accessible and quality healthcare has taken her to Ecuador and Ghana to provide global health aid. Her work with the Oglala Lakota tribe in South Dakota further solidified her commitment to racial and economic justice.

After college, Alexandra moved to Philadelphia to attend Drexel University and receive a master’s degree. While living and studying in Philadelphia, Alexandra became invested in the everyday challenges of the Philly community. She volunteered as an emergency medical technician, worked in various medical clinics, conducted research for different scientific labs, and distributed meals out of soup kitchens.

In 2020, Alexandra graduated from Temple University with a Master of Public Health degree. When the federal government failed to prioritize the economic and medical needs of a country in crisis, Alexandra did what she could to support her local community. She volunteered in the frontline at testing sites, worked with grassroots organizations to provide groceries and menstrual items to those in need, and advocated for housing access, rent freezes, universal healthcare, and criminal justice reform. In her bold run for the Congressional seat of PA-03, Alexandra remains committed to serving working-class people, advocating for social, racial, and economic justice, and championing systemic change.

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