There is no shortage of ills facing the City of Philadelphia, and the hard-working people that make this city great. Alexandra believes that we must focus on creating a healthy, functional and prosperous Philadelphia, in which we all benefit. To that end, she’s focused on these key areas of concern.

A Healthier Philadelphia

Identifying Best Practices on Harm Reduction and Public Health Approaches to Violence

The City of Philadelphia devotes just 0.6% of the city budget to short-term violence prevention programs. In addition to inadequate funding, there is a lack of program analyses on outcomes from these publicly funded harm reduction and violence prevention programs. As City Controller, Alexandra will ensure that investment into prevention programs yield positive outcomes and are improving circumstances. 

Building a Publicly Funded Mental Health Infrastructure

Mental healthcare, counseling, and crisis response are largely left to the private sector. As City Controller, Alexandra will advocate for greater investment into behavioral health services, programs, and outreach including crisis response, school counseling, trauma and grief counseling, and general mental healthcare for everyone from children to seniors.

Ending Homelessness & Housing Insecurity

Philadelphia’s housing crisis is made worse by predatory developers and housing policies that create housing insecurity and homelessness. Alexandra will use the powers of the City Controller’s Office to collaborate with appropriate authorities to review the city’s development strategy and collaborate with coordinators and organizations working to address housing insecurity and homelessness, and will propose fiscal strategies for the City to use its currently vacant properties as well as a path forward for creating new affordable housing opportunities.

A Healthier Workforce

An Ally for Unions

In the past, pension funds have been invested into union-busting corporations and many city workers have faced wage theft nearly every single paycheck. As Controller and member of the Board of Pensions, Alexandra will work alongside unions to ensure that pension funds are serving workers’ best interests and invested into corporations aligned with unions’ values. She will work beside unions for fair contracts, and she will work with the Mayor and authorities to stop wage theft, modernize and improve payroll technology, and secure workers’ wages and benefits.

Diversifying City Contractors

City contractors are often selected on a who-do-you-know basis. Philadelphia’s contractor work force should be as diverse as our city. As Controller, Alexandra will maintain oversight of fair hiring practices and work to root out corruption with city contractors.

A Healthier Environment

Divestments from Fossil Fuels and other Environmentally Hazardous Investments

The City of Philadelphia should take a stand in combating climate change by divesting city assets from the fossil fuel industry and other environmentally hazardous investments. Historically, the pension fund has been invested into fossil fuels. As Controller, Alexandra will assist the City of Philadelphia in becoming an environmentally-friendly municipal leader without lessening the return on investment and hurting workers’ pensions. 

A Healthier School System

Identify Strategy for a Green and Fully Financed Philadelphia School District

Philadelphia’s schools face an anticipated $484 million dollar deficit in 2027. The school system must be fully financed and school infrastructure needs to be modernized and greened. As Controller, Alexandra will work with communities and stakeholder organizations to create a financial strategy that fully pays for an updated school system that meets our city’s needs.

Collaborating with the Auditor General and School Boards to investigate charter school finances

Charter school finances are opaque and difficult to track. Corruption in charter schools takes money out of public schools and puts it into corporate pockets at the expense of young people. Alexandra will ensure the Philadelphia City Controller works with the Auditor General and School Boards to fully investigate charter school finances.

A Healthier Financial Outlook

Funding for a Public Bank

Unlike a private bank, a public bank reinvests its resources in the community, according to the priorities set by the government that owns it. It also enables the government to borrow funds for capital purposes at no real cost, saving tens of millions of dollars that can be reinvested to support critically needed public services. As City Controller, Alexandra will work alongside community groups to find the funding and city assets necessary to open a Philadelphia public bank.

Transparency with Taxpayer Money through Technology - a Living Dashboard

Philadelphians should be able to follow the money through an easily accessible, comprehensive dashboard demonstrating the City of Philadelphia’s budget and how each department is spending taxpayer dollars. As Controller, Alexandra will work to build and expand the City Controller dashboard.

Internal Checks and Balances - Quality Assurance within the Office of the Controller

The City Controller is intended to be the City of Philadelphia’s fiscal watchdog. But who checks the Controller? As City Controller, Alexandra will build an internal Office of the City Controller that operates as quality assurance to ensure ethical practices in day-to-day operations as well as in the greater vision and mission of the office.